Envisionable's success consultants are experts at financial modeling and helping with budgeting.
Creation of a Financial Model
A financial model is a tool which is used to predict the future results of your business based on various assumptions around income and expenses.

We can help by creating:
  • A 5 year detailed financial model (and 1 year budget), complete with P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement which give the ability to project:
    • Revenue - help projecting sales bookings and the associated cash impact
    • Costs of Good Sold by Product Line - which products are the most profitable? What can we do to change that?
    • Operational Expenses - is our overhead too high? Where can we improve profit?
    • Headcount - can I hire someone? How much can I afford to pay them?
    • CapEx - how will the purchase of fixed assets affect my cashflow?
    • Where do we want to be in 5 years financially? Is it realistic?
  • A 13 week Cash Flow analysis - how much cash will I have over the next 13 weeks based on the current inputs and outputs of the business?
  • Monthly updates of the model with actuals allowing you to project where you will be by year end.
  • Recommendations on how to properly account for various items in their accounting systems (Quickbooks & Xero) - will work with your CPA to dial this in.
  • A clear view into how the business is doing financially each month.
  • Ensure your financial plan takes into account your top 3-5 goals.
Whether you are a start-up, more established company or seeking financing, a financial model is an essential tool for running your business.

Good models are flexible and easy to update.

We will create a financial model for you that YOU CAN USE to operate your business, giving you insight into the future and helping you to make more informed decisions.